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Johnny Rodgers Introduces Hall of Fame Staffing

Once again The Griffin Groupe has listened to client needs. Clients have expressed a desire to have a high value supply of temporary staff from a supplier that represents diversity.  To this end Tom Schortmann has formed a partnership with Johnny Rodgers.  John is best known for his historic and record breaking stats on the football field.  John won the Heisman Trophy in 1972 as a Nebraska Husker and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

hall-of-fame-logoHall of Fame Staffing LLC is a minority owned executive search firm specializing in all levels of corporate staffing in North America.  Johnny Rodgers and Tom Schortmann are combining their decades of business successes and vast business networks to bring Fortune 500 Level staffing services to our clients who wish to establish and maintain Diversity Management Plans.

Corporations across North America are constantly searching for more experienced, highly educated, and and properly certified professionals to gain a strategic advantage. Much of this process is handled by highly trained human resource and internal recruiting teams. However, when tasked to locate a specialized candidate, it is more often more cost effective to employ and outside firm that has visibility of key connections.

HOF is able to call upon The Griffin Groupe network and recruiting tools to be quick, quiet, and efficient. This results in a shorter time to source, less disruptions to client work flow, and lower fees due to our unique business model.

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