Your recruiting team should understand your industry.

At The Griffin Groupe, we employ a team approach to sourcing quality talents for our clients. We learn about your distribution and supply chain company workforce requirements and the various nuances of the positions you want to fill. Our flexible staffing services include temporal and permanent hire services to meet clients’ recruitment needs. Our proprietary talent database and network of recruiters across the nations give us a broad foundation on the target professional right for your business. As a leading recruiting firm in the US, we specialize in providing professionals for supply chain management, transportation, logistics, and distribution roles. We strive to understand the job description and tailor our services to meet their exact needs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Every Hire.

Your ideal workforce goal is the focal point of our recruiting as it enables us to provide unmatched service. The Griffin Groupe team of dedicated supply chain recruiters is experienced in searching for the best talents who can be trusted to handle critical business positions.  Whether you’re a third-party logistics firm, warehousing company, asset-based trucking business, or manufacturing and distribution, you can rely on us to deliver the best people. We’ll not only help you with great talents but also audit your organization to discover gaps in your workforce in need of experienced professionals.