10 Hiring Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Working with External Recruiting Resources

10 Hiring Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Working with External Recruiting Resources

Recruiting staff from outside the company means relying on recruiting companies that have their own systems and way of doing things which means that there is potential for friction. The following tips are a cheat sheet that will ensure that your interactions with external recruiters are smooth and that the final result is staff who are qualified and productive for your company.

1. Cast the net wide.

Do not rely on one external recruiter. Have three or more options so that you have a wider pool of talent to choose from. Also, when you deal with multiple recruiters, you can work with niche recruiters who recruit staff for highly specialized positions. The Griffin Groupe works with a national network of 4,500+ recruiters.

2. Get the lingo right.

When  you are having meetings with higher-ups or recruiters, you must be able to speak their language. You should know the meaning of terms like HRO (human resource outsourcing), FTE(full-time equivalent), ERP( enterprise resource planning) and other terms related to staff recruitment.

3. Get your timing right.

In many companies, staff turnover is highest around the new year. You don’t want to be in a situation where the company re-opens for the new year but operations are slow or compromised because a key position is vacant. Let external recruiters know that you may have positions to be filled over the holidays or early in the year and ask if they can handle it. This is also the time niche recruiters who recruit staff in specific areas can really come through for you.

4. Choose carefully.

Do research on the recruiters that you are considering engaging. Find out how long they have been in business, which companies they recruit staff for and those at the top management of the company. Should something go wrong with staff you hired from a recruiting agency, these are the checks you will be asked whether you did.

5. Have your own staff background check system.

Ideally, an external recruiter will have carried out background checks before they send any candidates to you. Go the extra mile and do your own background checks. You don’t want to be called in to your superior’s office because the new IT guy had a history of fraud that was missed and he has defrauded the company. Do take the time to review references from past employers.

6. Make use of technology and remain on top of it.

Technology has changed the way everything is done and this includes staff recruitment. There is software that can be used to track applications known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and also software that can be used to track staff performance over a week, month, year or other duration. This can be really helpful in being fair with employee recognition and reward programs which are important for keeping staff motivated. It can also help you to identify external vendors that have performed the best in providing effective staff.

7. Network with professional organizations.

These are not officially recruitment agencies but professional organizations resource when you are trying to attract new talent to your company. Accomplished, high-level professionals are typically members of professional and industry organizations and may have positions in them. Those are the kind of people you want for high-level management positions.

8. Stay alert about new recruiters.

Keep your ear on the ground about new recruiters. Don’t be complacent about the ones you already work with.

9. Maintain relations.

Invite your external recruiters to corporate events like product launches, cocktails and other social events. Keep your best vendors in the loop about new projects and upcoming staffing needs so you can maintain a constant pipeline of qualified candidates.

10. Always be a professional.

Recruit staff based on their qualifications, ability and experience.

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