Essentially comprises labor intermediaries that are a web/smartphone enabled and provide a staffing service for on-site blue collar work. These companies are unique in that they combine the technology of more typical freelancer marketplaces (such as a two-sided digital labor marketplace, ratings system, and algorithmic recruiting, management, and matching) with services that are typical of a more “traditional” staffing firm. JITS is a subset of online staffing platforms typically operating at the lower end of the skill spectrum via an online/smartphone-based digital platform. In a US context, the company acts as the Employer of Record for the worker(s), either themselves (handling statutory employment taxes and workers’ compensation as a traditional staffing firm would) or via a payrolling firm. Outside the U.S., JITS operate under local temporary agency worker legislation. The work engagements via JITS are characterized by being very short-term in nature (i.e. hourly) and requests from clients are filled very quickly.