What is temp to perm?

“Temp to Perm” or temporary to permanent employment is a recruiting arrangement that allows companies to “try out” a candidate before making the decision to hire. Candidates are offered for a set period of time at a flat hourly rate. The Griffin Groupe handles all the employment concerns on the front end, including pay roll, benefits, insurance and we act as the employer of record. Once the decision is made to convert the employee to a full-time position with your company, this can be accomplished with a small service fee.

Does The Griffin Groupe help individuals find employment?

No. Not in the sense of an employment agency per se. Corporations engage us to source individuals that meet certain job requirements. Even though we do not work directly with individuals looking for work, we encourage you to upload your profile to our database for our consideration with current and existing client orders.

How many recruiters work for The Griffin Groupe?

The Griffin Groupe itself is a boutique search firm. We have relationships with 45 specialty recruiters throughout the country that we rely on to source for particular industries/niches. We also have built a technology network connecting us with 4500+ independent recruiters across the globe.

Does The Griffin Groupe source candidates for commission only opportunities?

The Griffin Groupe offers a contingency-based recruiting service for salaried and contract positions. We do NOT offer our services for commission only opportunities.

How long does the typical executive search take?

The United States average time to source is about 60 days for high-level executive positions across all industries. The Griffin Groupe has the ability to source up to 80% faster than the industry average. This is largely dependent on prompt communication with our clients and partners. We created this chart on how to work with us effectively

Where does The Griffin Groupe find its permanent placement candidates and contract employees?

Our managing partner, Thomas Schortmann has worked with some of the top recruiting firms in the country. He built The Griffin Groupe with a particular model in mind because he has seen what works and what doesn’t in this industry. We use a combination of proprietary search technology that we call Griffin T.A.L.O.N. along with our massive network of independent recruiting partners. Thomas also is able to tap his own high-level network that he has built throughout a successful career of business development. Finally, The Griffin Groupe relies on its advisory board of industry experts for their own insights on their own individual verticals.

What should I consider when making the decision to hire?

Pain Point: What is the particular problem or need that is being addressed? Consider how the job order reflects the individual that will be able to provide a solution? Does it make sense to hire full time, temp to perm or temporary?

Execution: Consider how the new candidate will need to be onboarded. What type of training will they need initially to get them up to speed? During this stage it is also helpful to sketch out a couple of success metrics.

Return on Investment: Besides determining what it is you can afford for your hiring budget, it is critical that you new hire offers a clear path to ROI. This is why having measurable results in mind is so important.

As always, our Search Consultants are here to guide through the hiring process. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the practice of rounding out project teams with contract employees in order to fill in the gaps for particular missing skill sets. It is an extremely efficient way to add temporary resources that are needed on a project basis. It is also cost effective. Read more about the benefits of staff augmentation for your project.

What is the difference between contingent and retained recruitment?

Contingent search means that The Griffin Groupe is on a pay-for-performance fee structure. Clients only pay fees for a successful hire – there is no charge to get started with your search.

Retained search is a recruiting service where clients pay fees up front for search services. There are generally additional fees when permanent placement candidates are hired.