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Upload your resume today. One of our search consultants will contact you when we receive a client opportunity that aligns with your skills and education.

How We Can Help

The Griffin Groupe is not an employment agency in a traditional sense.  Corporations engage us to find talent. However, we would encourage you to add your profile to our database. The Griffin Groupe works with several Fortune 1000 Level corporations across the US. If an opportunity with a client comes up, we will reach out to arrange an introduction. Candidates do not pay for this service.  Our clients pay a recruitment fee upon successful hire.

The Griffin Groupe Advantage

In simple terms, The Griffin Groupe is a “broker” of staffing services. We have built a network of over 4,500 specialized independent recruiters throughout the country. Often, our co-sourcing partners will reach out to us to help them fill talent gaps that our outside of their specialty. Candidates that have signed up for our database will get access to this increased exposure at no charge.

Benefits to our Contractors

At The Griffin Groupe, we know that happy employees are the best employees.  As an American Staffing Association member, we have made a commitment to uphold the highest industry standards.  That’s why we have worked hard to create a temporary staffing program with solid benefits our contractors can depend on

Prompt pay

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Optional 401K Program

Relocation Assistance for Premier Clients