Temporary Staffing

Add New Skills to Your Team Now

Contracting can be an ideal staffing solution for your company. When you need to quickly hire to meet increasing demand, add specific skill-sets for temporary projects, or expand operations in other states, contracting offers many benefits.


Griffin’s Flexible Staffing Model

Whether you need to staff up at a moment’s notice for your own company or add experts for a client project, staff augmentation offers a cost-effective solution. Evaluate your existing staff and determine which additional skills are required. Rather than spending time and budgetary resources on training, invest in experts that are ready to complete your project tasks.

The Griffin Groupe has built a unique sourcing model for high-level and certified temporary staff. We handle every aspect of the process including employer-of-record, pay-rolling, relocation, insurance and benefits all for a simple hourly rate.

Staffing Solution Customized To Your Needs

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to temporary staffing. The Griffin Groupe will work to aggressively customize our co-sourcing service. A strategy meeting with one of search consultants will help us to customize our services to fit with your company’s processes.

If you need one contractor to help with an IT implementation or ten staff members to fill gaps in your client’s project team, we can provide a cost-effective solution.

Happy Employees, Happy Clients

We are committed to keeping your temporary employees happy, healthy and productive. We have created a foundation for temporary staffing that offers the same if not better benefits than traditional full time employment.

Your temp-to-perm candidates are employed as Griffin Groupe associates. They have access to great medical and dental benefits, a 401(k) program and more.

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